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I. RF Multipin Connectors SQ-Series
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The Problem:  In various applications many coaxial microwave links have to be
connected and disconnected. This means threadening and unthreadening, torquing
and untorquing. Very dense packaging in not possible, as there is still room
needed for manual threadening and for the use of a torque wrench. In helicopters
and aircrafts all connecotrs usually have to be safe secured, e.g. by wiring
the coupling nuts of the connectors, using wire holes, a time-consuming process.

Threadening and torquing, unthreadening and untorquing 24 connections, a time
consuming process, and lots of space is needed.
The Problem

The Solution:  Spectrum's Multipin Connectors are available with four (4),
seven (7), eight (8), twelfe (12) and twenty three (23) coaxial inserts (terminating the
coaxial cable assemblies) at the Multipin end, connecting alle the coxial cable
assemblies at once and in seconds with no need of a torque wrench, no need for
safety wires and using minimum space.

24 cable assemblies in 2 connectors, safely connected and disconnected within
The Solution

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