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Part-No.: LS-0118-5161
Interface/Sex: N-male to N-female
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency: DC to 18.0 GHz
VSWR: 1.25 : 1 max.
Insertion Loss: 0.35 dB typ., 0.5 dB max (at 18.0 GHz)
Phase Adjustment: 350° max. at 18.0 GHz
Number of Revolutions for Phase Adjustment: 16.5
Nom. Phase Shift Deg/GHz/Revolution: 1.2
Time Delay (pico seconds) min/max: 300 / 355
Weight: 105 grams max. for the phaseshifter
6 grams max. for the mounting fixture
Materials: STEEL corrosion resistant 1.4305 per DIN 17440 (QQ-S-763, class 303 or ASTM-A-582 or ASTM-A-484). COPPER BERYLLIUM 33-25 CuBe2Pb H per DIN 17666 (ASTM-B-196 or ASTM-B-197) PTFE Fluorocarbon per DIN 52900 (ASTM-D-1457).
Finish: Finish for Copper Beryllium Parts: Center Contact are gold plated to a minimum thickness of .00005 inch (1.27 m) in accordance with MIL-G-45204, Type II, Grade C. Spring finger
Finish for Stainless Steel: Passivated per QQ-P-35
Temperature Range: -65C to +70C
Environmental Testing: Meets MIL-PRF-39012 for Corrosion, Vibration, Mechanical Shock, Thermal Shock, Moisture Resistance (paragraphs 3.13, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21)
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