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Design and Engineering: Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is a very innovative Company. It employs a strong and successful team of experienced engineers. If your application requires a product that is not available as standard, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is the Company to contact. Our engineers are ready and willing and capable to listen to your problem and they will try their best to propose something that will fit your needs perfectly. There is also a possibility that we may have solved already a similar problem for somebody else and that we have a solution available, almost off the shelf.
Following a few examples of areas where our engineering staff has proposed and designed and manufactured hardware to the customers requirements, or has developed successfully Products to widen and strengthen our Product Range:

The Cable Assembly Group: Designing and manufacturing of Low Loss Cable Assemblies, Extra Light Weight Assemblies, Phase & Amplitude Matched Cable Assemblies, High Velocity and Thermal Stable Dielectrics, Delay Lines, etc.

The Connector Group: Designing and manufacturing successfully new Connector Series, e.g. of Types SBX, SBY and SPM, connectors that were not available at all with the physical and electrical performance as needed for specific programs.
Adapters for special applications were designed to fit exactly the customers' needs, mechanically and electrically.
A whole new Product Line was developed and successfully introduced to the market: the PUSH-ON Connectors and Adapters for series 3.5mm, K*, SMA, N and TNC, using 50 Ohms impedance, and for F, N and TNC as well, using 75 Ohms impedance.

The Component Group: Besides the Standard Product Lines, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH offers Engineering and Manufacturing Services, to design and manufacture Components exactly to Customer's Specification. Whatever cannot be found in anybody else`s catalog, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is definitely worthwhile to contact. There is even always a possibility that a similar product has already been designed for somebody else.
The Table to the right shows the areas where Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH has successfully designed and manufactured products to customers' specifications. On pages 356 through 399 detailed information will be given on these components.

Process Engineering: This Group has been developing tools and machines that are needed in manufacturing but were not available on the market as standard. Currently the design, manufacturing and testing of an Automatic Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine has been completed and the machine has been introduced to the market as CNCA-700.
Quick Response Manufacturing: The Quick Response Manufacturing is another good example for the commitment to providing excellent Customer Service. The Quick Response Group was implemented to react immediately to customers' needs. Sometimes Products will be shipped within 24 hours. All Products manufactured in the Quick Response Area will meet the same Quality Standards as all the other products, they are submitted to the same inspection.
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