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INTRODUCTION: Vector network analyzers require electrically stable cable assemblies for measurement in very critical areas, such as Phase, Amplitude and VSWR. Cables have to maintain calibration data, even when subjected to bending and twisting which can introduce distorting parameters. The cable assembly needs to be flexible without being flaccid.

THE SOLUTION: Spectrum´s automatic network analyzer test cable assemblies do meet all the requirements. These reliable test cables offer significant advantages when compared with standard test cables.
The Cables of Types 18 and 22 are very similar. The only difference is that Type 22 is armored, using a silicone jacketed fabric interwoven stainless steel spring. The flexibility of the cable can be compared with regular test cable assemblies. The operating frequency is recommended to 26.5 GHz.
The cable of Type 16 works to 50.0 GHz. It is a semi rigid type cable, armored with a silicone jacketed fabric interwoven stainless steel spring. The cable is a little bit on the stiffer side. But this is highly appreciated for several applications, especially when series of components have to be tested and when it is welcome that the connectors of the cable assembly remain closely in the connecting position.
The cable assemblies of Types 16 and 22 will withstand a pull of 22 pounds and are crush resistant to 880 pounds/square inch without degredation.

CABLE ASSEMBLY CONNECTORS: One end of the Assembly will usually be terminated with an NMD 2.4mm, 3.5mm, or K* connector, as needed for connecting directly with the RF output of the network analyzer. These NMD Connectors are designed with a larger than standard coupling nut for greater stability.
The other end of the ANA - Assembly may be terminated with any of the connectors, as needed in the customers test application, mating in direct connection with the device under test, such as 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 7mm, N, SMA, SPM, TNC, etc. As a large variety of connectors are available, adapters are not necessary and the test setup becomes simple and trustworthy. Sensitive tests can be performed, most accurate testing accomplished.

CABLE ASSEMBLY LENGTHS: The cable assemblies can be manufactured in almost any length, up to 6 meters (20ft.).

PREFERRED ASSEMBLIES: All necessary materials and piece parts will be carried in stock, helping to facilitate fast delivery. Cable assemblies of the most popular lengths, e.g. 45 cm. (17.7") and 60 cm. (2.36"), terminated with preferred connector styles, such as 2.4mm and 3.5mm for the Hewlett-Packard 8510 and K* for Wiltron 360, will be available, in most cases, within a few days of order placement.

THE CABLE ASSEMBLY KIT: ANA Cable Assemblies can be supplied in an instrument case. It normally contains beside the assemblies a torque wrench, or torque wrenches, as needed for the different connector styles, hex, and torques required.

CUSTOM PRODUCTS: Spectrum Elektrotechnk GmbH is a very innovative company. Our engineers are constantly designing new products, or modifying existing products to customers’ requests. Therefore catalogs never will be complete. If you do not find exactly what you need in our catalogs, please contact our sales or engineering department.

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