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INTRODUCTION: In various applications, especially with test stations, repetitive testing needs to take place. Hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of components have to be tested. Using regular connectors, this means threading on the connector, tightening and torquing, then loosening and disconnecting. This is a very time consuming process, which in most cases is even longer than the electrical test cycle. In applications where only a simple “go/no go” test has to be performed, the time needed for connecting and disconnecting may be ten times longer than the actual test time.

THE SOLUTION: The Push-On Connectors and Connector Savers were developed to eliminate all the time consuming tightening, torquing and loosening of the connectors during test. The Push-On connector slides directly onto any standard female connector of the same series, allowing quick and easy connection and disconnection.

THE LOCKING PUSH-ON: The Push-On connector is a male connector, and looks almost like a regular male connector, but does not employ thread in the coupling nut, and the coupling nut does not turn. To connect, the lock nut is only to be pushed forward. When released, three bolts are locking the connector safely onto the female thread. To disconnect the lock nut has to be pushed forward again, and kept in that position.

THE NON-LOCKING PUSH-ON: The connector does not contain any locking mechanism. A spring finger outer conductor is holding the connector in place. The forces needed for pushing on / pulling off the connector from its mating connector correspond directly to the insertion force / withdrawal force of the spring finger outer conductor. The non-locking Push- On is liked at test stations, where short tests are performed, where data are taken while the hand is still on the connector.

CONNECTORS AVAILABLE: 50 Ohms Push-On Connectors are available in series 7/16, N, SMA and TNC. For 75 Ohms the Push-Ons were designed in series N and F. Some of the connectors are available in different versions, such as lockable and non lockable, or for the N- "Double D" connectors, as being used on test equipment, having flats on two sides in parallel and along the thread.

CABLE ASSEMBLIES: Cable assemblies can be terminated directly with Push-On Connectors. For certain RG-Cables the customer may purchase the Push-On Connectors and he can then terminate the assemblies himself using standard tools. Assemblies, using Spectrum's special cable, are only available completely terminated, as special tooling is required. Here all the cables are listed that can currently be fitted with Push-On connectors. But please always keep in mind that Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is a very innovative company. Our engineers are constantly designing new products, or modifying existing products to customers' requests. Therefore, the catalogs never will be complete.

CABLE ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES: For those RG-Cables the customer may purchase the Push-On Connectors for making his own assembly. Cable assembly procedures are listed in "The '98 Handbook Quick Connections", or "The '98 Handbook Microwave Connectors".

PUSH-ON ADAPTERS: If you want to use your existing standard cable assemblies, you can turn them into Assemblies with Push-On Connectors, by using Push-On Adapters. The standard female of the Push-On Adapter threads into the male connector of your assembly.
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